Testimonials Clare Vivian-Neal

"Clare as a coach is first class. Insightful. Compassionate. Firm. Inspiring. Wise."

"Thank you for your skilful support of me as I reached to create more mastery in my life – what a journey! Thank you for holding me all the way to my deepest intentions. Your wise, loving words gave me courage when I faltered."

Personal Coaching

"Clare's depth of tuned-in-ness and support of me was remarkable."
"Your celebration with me was heartfelt and genuine."

Training - More To Life Courses

"Clare delivered this training with deep sensitivity and refined skill."
"Such a depth of real sharing modelled for us by Clare resulted in willing work and seriousness of intent, and bringing in its wake lightness, connection, our own power and freedom to act. Truly this was a memorable weekend."More To Life Courses
"A huge thank you. Your warmth and genuine concern and respect to all really shone through. The hope and light you have awakened in me and all others is a true gift. Excellent work. Such a pleasure to have been in your company."

Corporate Leadership Coaching

"You were firm, professional and able to handle the group and its complexities.
The facilitation was excellent."
"Clare has an excellent approach to course delivery. Her skills and handling of questions was remarkable noting how some of us are so vocal on the issues they highlighted."
"Clare, thank you for the privilege of having you to take us through the various tools of the training. Sharing your experiences with us in how you have lived the principles you are teaching us was a good learning experience. I would freely commend this training and you to others who would like to change themselves for the better."

More To Life Courses NZ and beyondThe Power of Purpose

"I found Clare's mentoring extraordinarily insightful, collaborative and just awesome. As a person, she is beyond the tools in a course."
"Clare – you have been wonderful: flexible, welcoming, supportive, challenging and loving. Thank you."The Power of Self Esteem
"Aroha atu, aroha mai. What Clare gives out to the group is multiplied 100 times by the group out to the wider world. Clare was gentle, caring and inspiring."


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