Personal Life Coaching NZ

What do you want more of in your life? Less of? When did you last take time to claim the lessons and gifts Life is offering you over and over again?

I listen, encourage and support you to transform the quality of your life.

Want to Transform the Quality of Your Life?

  • Got an idea of what you want but no plan on how to get there?
  • In the doldrums and looking for spark and direction?
  • Are you in a difficult situation and want to find new ways to handle it?

Let's work together to make a plan. Book your introductory session today.

And as we work over time, your journey will unfold. Together we will course correct as your circumstances change and you live the life you are wanting to live. I will assist you to find the aspects of yourself that are being shaped or refined and new aspects that are growing.


Loss of Direction

Katy (not her real name) loved sport and loved being fit – but career and kids and life had somehow "got in the way" and she had lost direction. Lost your direction in Life? Need a Life Coach?

We worked together over a period of seven months, step by step, so she could re-discover herself. Katy saw how much she gave to others and how the pattern did not serve her. To change was not easy, at times she slid back – but new patterns were put in place and developed, step by step.


Change of Life

Life had changed for Susan (not her real name); her children had grown and moved away, her husband was busy with his work, a close friend had died. Susan felt a huge gap in her life. She realised that unless she made some changes, she was going to become more isolated and stuck. It was time for something new – but Susan's confidence was low.

She called me and we began working on what she really, really wanted for her life; what she loved to do, be part of and how she wanted to spend the rest of her days. Her vision emerged, direction opened up and Susan took steps towards these new things. At times she'd want to curl up and hide under a stone again, but slowly Susan emerged: stronger, clearer, bolder, more confident and more her again, home in her skin and heart, feeling alive once again.


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