Leadership Coaching in NZ

Working with other people can be a challenge: Conflict of personalities, different agendas and simmering frustrations are common in NZ workplaces.

You can learn ways to work more effectively with your team and colleagues, whatever the situation. Teamwork is an art – and there is always more to learn. Contact me

Business Leadership Coaching

Whatever your situation:

  • Need conflict resolution in your team?
  • Time management issues?
  • Needing more work-life balance?
  • Want more job satisfaction?
  • Ready for a change but don't know what?

Having a Coach is an effective tool to assist you to move forward with clarity and purpose.

I have coached leaders from different cultures around the world in their projects. I have encountered situations and experienced difficulties and successes myself. *

I bring 20 years' experience working with teams and coaching leaders. Contact me


CEO - Leadership Support

Mary (not her real name) was offered a job as CEO – but it was a family company and there was a lot of history. The challenges she faced were to bring her skills and talents to the situation while keeping and building the relationships involved.

Her coaching focussed on addressing practical ways to be herself, find her feet, gain credibility and excel – while improving the company's future. Mary had coaching for about four months and a review after six months. She learnt specific ways to keep coming forward in her authority while delivering results.

Leadership Coaching

From Dream to Reality

Mark (not his real name) had a dream. He was busy creating his career and so had been not getting around to taking the steps needed to make this dream a reality. He realised he needed a nudge, encouragement and some people to help him. With a coach alongside he clarified the dream, moved it from a vague want into a clear project goal, developed some strategies and prioritised the actions - and got underway. Regular check-ins helped Mark review his progress, see where he was missing and course correct. During it all, his leadership was challenged.

At the end of it all, he created the dream – but more importantly learnt to tune into what mattered to him, say what he meant to say and make some tough decisions along the way. Having a coach during this four-month journey gave Mark insights to take to many other areas of his life.


Conflict Resolution

Sally (not her real name) was involved with a small company as an advisor. But things had changed in the leadership and she was not finding it easy to get her point of view heard. Meetings became combative and she came to dread them. We worked for a few sessions to see what was going on on her side of the situation.

She gained a new perspective and opened up her world so that she was no longer so attached to things being her way. She was able to communicate with ease and grace – as a result her work life became more fullfilling and her conections with her collegues easier.


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