Courses for personal development

Personal development courses include The Power of Self Esteem, The Power of Purpose, The Power of Connection, The More To Life Weekend and advanced courses.

I am a Senior Trainer and Mentor with the Kairos Foundation. This educational trust delivers the More To Life Programme via courses around the world.

The Power of Self Esteem CourseThe Power of Self Esteem Course

The Power of Self Esteem teaches a natural way to access your full potential, without driving yourself, or creating unnecessary stress. You discover how to maintain a sense of yourself, no matter what else may be happening around you at the time.

You are able to receive critical feedback, and to use it for your own advantage. And you develop a deeper connection with those close to you, together with the skills to help them enhance their own self esteem.


The Power of PurposeThe Power of Purpose Course

The Power of Purpose allows you to make this connection in all the goal areas that matter to you in your life, and integrate them so you are living with the same purposefulness throughout your life.

You learn to bring all of yourself to the adventure, whether you are working to achieve a business goal or realise your most personal wants and dreams.

This course is taught in small classes over six three-hour sessions with practice CDs supporting your researches in between.


The Power of Connection Course

Wherther you want less conflict or more connection, this is the course for you. You learn how to release and let go of separating feelings such as anger, blame, guilt and fear. The more you do this, the more you will get in touch with all the connecting feelings that make life worth living, from passion to compassion, from gratitude to satisfaction and joy.

The course is taught in several different formats. You will receive course materials that will help you deepen your practice between each session, as well as after the course is over.