Team Trainer Clare Vivian-Neal

I am a Senior Trainer, Professional Coach and Mentor with the Kairos Foundation. This is an educational trust that delivers the More To Life Programme through many courses around the world. I am an Associate with TriVergent International.

Bringing Teams AliveTeam work

One of my strengths is in being able to bring teams alive, see the individual and keep the organisational goals in mind at the same time.

I enjoy working with people from many walks of life, educational backgrounds and from diverse cultures. I deliver courses rich in profound personal change in New Zealand, Australia, France, UK, Denmark, USA, South Africa and the Pacific Islands.


Promote Self Esteem and Self-Confidence

I am passionate about promoting cultural change – from the inside out by increasing self-esteem and self-confidence, personal presence and leadership. I have worked within local government, business, the non-profit and community sectors.


Equality in the WorkplaceEquailty in the workplace

In the UK I worked for Scientific Generics. While there I set up a programme for empowerment of women. In 1993 I emigrated to NZ where I worked for Macpac. Soon, I was initiating and working with groups of women on empowerment and equality issues in the workplace. This interest in making a difference for the better has led me to work as a change manager leading by example of respect, integrity and honesty in all the organisations I work with.


Former Research Scientist

I have an honours BSc in Biotechnology. My career began in research science in the field of biotechnology and was fuelled by my interest in being on the edge of understanding. *

I am based in Golden Bay, New Zealand, where I live with my husband, Brian.